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In Sweden, the work as technical assessor and assessment leader of ISO 17025 is done for Swedac and Danak (Denmark). In addition to this, external audits are also performed on behalf of private companies.

On behalf of various customers, we have also helped with the work of product development and patent application.


Previous work in Africa has e.g. has been Quality Assurance training in Nigeria, preparation of action programs for African universities' chemical institutions. Practical support and education in technology and applications at universities in Rwanda.

In Asia, the work has consisted of the development of laboratories for environmental monitoring of the Yellow River's delta. Practical support and education in technology and applications at the University of Cambodia.


Sune Eriksson

Sune Eriksson is Fil Dr environmental chemistry (Acrylamide in food).

Doctoral thesis

He has over 30 years of experience in laboratory work in many areas, such as agriculture, food, environment, energy and pharmaceuticals.

He possesses knowledge in a large number of analysis techniques and existing quality systems.

Sune has extensive experience of development, project management, quality assurance, documentation, government contacts, lectures and courses.

In addition to the Nordic region, Sune also has experience of working in Africa as well as Asia.
He has been running his own consulting business since 2010.


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