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Chemical quality- and development issues

We help you change, develop and assure the quality of your chemical laboratory activities.


ErDevCO (Eriksson's Development Co-operation) works together with you to develop, change and quality assure your chemical laboratory operations. We also work with quality follow-up of laboratory work as well as technical support of laboratory equipment and advice on product development.

In chemical laboratory activities, we can help you with reviews as well as interpretation of reports and analysis results.

and advice

Advice regarding routines, instrument selection, choice of method etc.

Analysis and compilation of information

We help you draw up information from laboratory work.

Quality assurance
and documentation

Analysis of problems, documentation and quality work.

Construction of laboratory work

We help you plan and carry out laboratory work.


    30years of


We have extensive experience in the field and carry out work in Sweden, Denmark and several countries in Africa as well as Asia.

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Do you need support in the laboratory?

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